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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hasbro Partini Game

We love Hasbro... Their legacy of games, their creative attitude & wonderful art directors!
One day we received a call to do some visual exploration for a new adult game going to market called "Partini." Hasbro was ready to go to print on all the materials, but they were unhappy with the 'game-play' cards. it was a quick turn job - everything went well, but I was surprised to see that the box top displayed a stock illustration from I asked them if it was going to run 'as is', or if the stock art was merely a placeholder graphic. I was told that it was finished. I rendered a new illustration on spec and proposed it to them. It was too late. All the files had been approved and sent off to press. What you see below is the boxtop that went to press, and below that one, the one I proposed to them... complete with new logo. (Click images for Detail)


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1 comment:

  1. Your design is so eye popping, the colors, the lines...
    I recently saw this game at my local supermarket. It is cool to see how it should have been done.
    I'm keeping my eye on you guys...
    Well done on your success!