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Monday, February 9, 2009

Workbook 31 (Illustration/Design))

Workbook #31 is here! Every year we place an ad featuring some of our recent logo solutions in the Workbook. This set of 10 pound hardbound catalogs is a national directory of the country's best photographers, designers, lettering artists, and illustrators. This year (volume 31) we are featured on page 26 of the Illustration book. If you get the Workbook, look us up! If you don't, and you are in the mood for some serious eye-candy, you can order your copy at If you want to download the ad that we placed in this year's publication, click HERE... It comes zipped and pre-bundled with all previous ads we've run in earlier volumes.

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  1. You run an ad every year in the Workbook? It must bring work in? What other advertising investments have you found to be successful for your studio?