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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Frost Orthodontics T-Shirt

Frost Orthodontics of Mesa, Arizona hired us to create a t-shirt that appealed to the children who were patients of theirs. We wanted to design something conceptual, hip, stylized and unique... a t-shirt that no one else in town would be wearing. We thought this one would be a "slam dunk" success, however, they are wanting to see another comp - a more 'mainstream' looking 'tattoo' skull, referring to Ed Hardy. This is still an amazing t-shirt and is now officially 'UP FOR SALE' in case you are an orthodontist and want to do something fun for your patients... Call us. (Click Image for Larger Image)

There have been many comments about this T-Shirt being used by other Dental and Ortho practices in the Phoenix metro area.  Let me clarify! -   Using this this image without proper financial compensation and written permission is copyright infringement.  We intend to pursue every instance of abuse!
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